The Trade Philosophy of Lamidi Ajadi & Sons Nig. Limited assists in sustaining our quality profile on a dependable basis.
These include: Safety, Timely Service Delivery, Excellence, Mutual Profitability, Client-satisfactory, Affordability, Innovation and Integrity.

The environment or the good reputation of the Company and our clients by every affordable means we can such as considering first the health and safety of our employees, partners, and any third parties who may be affected by our activities, maintaining a safe work environment by eliminating hazards and reducing risk, ensuring that health, safety and environment (HSE) matters have equal status with all other primary business objectives and rewarding outstanding performance among staff

By a then relatively young business man now known as High (Chief) Alh. Lamidi Ajadi (JP), a leading business mogul and foremost marketer. Since its inception, LASL has supplied excellent automotive components to a long list of individual and corporate clients as well as to governments and sovereign institutions. Armed with great minds and dedicated managerial team, Lamidi Ajadi & Sons remains poised to blaze the trail in the marketing of automotive components with specialisation in all sizes of tyres (OTR), Earthmovers for caterpillars, dumpers, tractors & machinery, trucks, vans and cars; as well as batteries, tube and so on.
At Lamidi Ajadi & Sons Nigeria Limited, we adopt a result-oriented customer-friendly strategy towards providing satisfactory deliverables to our customers. Using our
knowledge of automotive components business, our extensive experience gathered over six decades and with the commitment and dedication of our managerial team, dynamic and versatile marketers, we strive to ensure continual nationwide delivery of qualitative products and services to our long list of clientele, within the shortest periods possible. No matter the quantity, we have more than sufficient in stock.









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